DâM-FunK's DJ-Kicks Is Out Today

DâM-FunK's DJ-Kicks is the kind of mix that can make the world a better place. A deep dive into his record collection is enough to make any listener take on some of DâM's unflappable cool. Laced with perfect synth lines, vintage drum machine hits, and plenty of low end, DâM's DJ-Kick's plays like the soundtrack to a perfect summer afternoon.

DâM-FunK's DJ-Kicks is out today. We still have a couple of limited 10" vinyl bundles on our Bandcamp store, but they won't last long. Stream the DJ-Kicks exclusive track "Believer" below, and get in the zone.

All physical orders from the !K7 Store or Bandcamp ship with a limited edition DJ-Kicks tote bag.

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DâM-FunK - "Believer" [DJ-Kicks Exclusive]
DâM-FunK - Believer [DJ-Kicks Exclusive]